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Sportsmen's Devotional - Homelessness

Updated: Mar 3

Bible Verse/Version

“It is a sin to despise one’s neighbor, but blessed is the one who is kind to the needy.” - Proverbs 14:21


     A few years back, a hunting buddy and I got our hands on a couple of truck campers for free. Our initial idea was to use them as blinds to hunt out of for gun season on the hunting property we leased.  But, he had a job change and moved out of our area.  As I developed the hunting property, the deer patterns changed, and the location of where the truck campers had been placed were no longer of value.  In talking with the land owner, he wanted them moved off the property if we weren’t going to use them.

     So, this fall, I posted the campers for free online to whomever could use them.  I assumed that other hunters would want them for hunting blinds and might modify them to fit their needs.  But the first call I got surprised me.  The gentleman calling about the blind was homeless and wanted one of them to live in for the winter.  We struggled to connect on getting the camper removed, so I posted it again.  The second caller who was inquiring about it was also homeless and wanted it to live out of it for the winter.  He came out to check the camper out, but it was too wide for his truck, so he couldn’t use it.  

     At that point, the first homeless person called again asking for another shot at removing the camper.  This time, we worked it out, and he successfully removed the camper for he and his wife to live in.  

Action Point:

     I never would have dreamt that posting the campers online to be removed would end with homeless people looking for shelter for the winter as the camper’s new owners.  I was humbled and heartbroken with these situations.  We take many things for granted in our daily lives, but if you happen to be in a similar situation where I was where you want to remove a camper from your property, why not call your local homeless shelter and see if they know of someone who could use it? Being able to provide safety and shelter is no little deal to someone who has neither.  

Sportsman’s Tip of the Day:

    If you put a truck camper up to use for a blind, putting pallets up underneath of it helps to take the weight off the jacks and helps to preserve the camper.  

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