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Sportsmen's Devotional - Bring the Rain

Updated: Mar 3

Bible Verse/Version

“May he be like rain falling on a mown field, like showers watering the earth.”  Psalm 72:6 (NIV)


     This past week, I started doing some prep work on my hunting property to put in some food plots for the white tail this fall. There are all sorts of different ways to hunt white tail, but in Michigan where the hunting property is so close to your neighbors, it helps to have food planted to help hold the deer on your land.  

    As I was discing the food plots and thinking about what I wanted to plant this year, I started thinking about when I wanted to put the seed down.  I hadn’t looked at the forecast, but I knew that I wouldn’t plant anything until rain was coming.  I always put the seed down right before a good rain.  The soil is tilled, the seed is planted, and I run a roller over the soil to pack the soil down and make sure it germinates as quickly as possible.  But, the rain is the key.  Everything shoots right up and

flourishes when it gets watered.

Action Point:

     Spiritually, we can be like barren soil.  I don’t like to make people think Christianity is just some formula to follow, but it is important for us to hear God’s word, to study God’s word, to listen to Christian speakers, and to be in fellowship with other believers.  Our spirits need God’s truth  in our everyday lives to flourish; if we don’t, we are just like the scorched Earth that will bear no fruit.  Take a minute to think through how you can water your soul on a daily basis. 

Sportsman’s Tip of the Day:

    If you are in a place where you also plant food plots to hold deer in your area, remember that deer have different nutritional needs at different times in the fall.  Usually, a mixture of early, mid, and late season plants will provide the nutrition needed and keep the deer present.  Mix these various seeds together in your food plot instead of just planting one type of crop. That way you’ll have crops for the deer from early season all the way through late season.

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