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The Ambush

Updated: 2 days ago

Bible Verse/Version

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)


   My daughter, grand-son, and I decided to sneak in an evening turkey hunt a couple years ago.  I had scouted a group of turkeys and knew that they crossed over the dirt road from the pine trees from the north and over into our neighbor’s downed cornfield, headed south.  Now,  I live about 45 minutes from our hunting property, so we had to try to time it so that we would arrive early and have time to get to our pop-up blind that was already set up on the field’s edge.  As we got to within a quarter mile of the hunting property, we could see that the turkeys were early.  They had already crossed the road and were headed across the field.   

      I made an executive decision that if I hurried up in the truck and tucked it up inside the woods, we could still beat them to the pop-up blind where they would eventually cross if we ran through the woods to stay off the field edge to avoid being seen.  So, that’s what we did.  We hopped into the tent as stealthily as we could, and within a couple of minutes, the turkeys were right in front of us.  My daughter took her aim and knocked off a nice 21 pound tom with a 10” beard.  

Action Point:

     From a hunting standpoint, it was a cool hunt!  We totally were able to ambush those turkeys. They were completely unaware that we had a set-up waiting for them.   But, from a Christian standpoint, we need to be vigilant in keeping our boundaries, so that we don’t get picked off in our faith by having our testimony ambushed.  As believers, we do have enemies who would love to see us taken down.  Stay plugged into the word, and read God’s scriptures regularly.  Let that be our plumbline that establishes and maintains the boundaries we build into our lives.  There’s too much at stake to be sloppy with letting our guards down.  

Sportsman’s Tip of the Day:

       Be mobile in hunting turkeys.  If you are out on an evening hunt and see where turkeys roost at night, just get to that spot early the next morning before the turkeys come off their roost,and you’ll be sitting there waiting for them as they do.

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